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RAW Talent exposed at RAWDallas!!!

RawDallas is an event that happens in Dallas from a larger culture called RAW, an international and independent arts organization for artists that gives the tools, resource and exposure artist need. Art categories include independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.

I walked into Lizard lounge and immediately went to the area that had art hanging from a fence. Artists have original works hanging to view and available for purchase in this area. Not only is there amazingly colorful art but amazingly tasteful art in the form of food. I noticed Frosty Cakes and her display of cake pops, cookie sandwiches and cupcakes (of course I consumed a few of the items). Inside the main room I was instantly greeted by the smell of DONUTS!! Yes, donuts! The crew from Jarams Donuts had a variety of deliciously looking donuts, from bacon topped to strawberry topped, one was even topped with a minion from Despicable Me!

Singers Jay Jay Douglas who reminds me of John Legend mixed with a little Johnny Gill had me bobbing my head to his original tune and live band. June Marieezy who has a voice and sound like no other stopped me in my tracks and I instantly eyed the stage to enjoy along with RAWDallaser (yes, I made that up) photographer Solomon Higgs. It seemed we were both amazed at the pipes coming from this young girl. These two have definitely gained a new fan and supporter here.

The runway showcase featuring miniskirts to gowns to summer wear from the collections of IMT Designs, Rulli Torres, Coco Franco and Cmdivinity was jaw dropping. It’s amazing all the talent coming from our very own metroplex and an event that allows you to meet the individuals behind the brand one on one.

My favorite artist from the night by far is Amy Baldwin, she’s self-taught and I would call her work colorful yet quirky with just the right amount of seriousness. Make sense? (View the photos and it will). Other artists I enjoyed at RawDallas include RayLaflare, Receere, and Rob, a guitarist who creates fragrances called Robbie VanGogh Fragrance from, what for it…… cannabis! I’d admit I was a little taken back when he mentioned that but it smells very good! Pleasantly surprised I’d say that I was.

I can’t express to you how exciting, interesting and beautiful the pieces are and equally excited to see the talent from over 40 local artists! Owner of Waas Gallery Brandy Michele Adams and her co-host brought the energy and kept us entertained all night by adding such spontaneity to the stage introducing and highlighting artists of the night.

If you missed RawDallas then don’t worry, you have the opportunity to indulge in the society in April! In another city? Check the website for dates in your area! www.RAWartists.org

Photos by: Marcus Young

More photos available at www.Facebook.com/TheVannaCollinsShow

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