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The Little Mermaid is at Dallas Summer Musicals until March 2nd!

It’s known as one of the most popular animated love stories across the globe and written in over 30 different languages. I’m sure your familiar with The Little Mermaid but if not, the story is about a young mermaid who goes to shore and falls in love with a human prince. Despite her father’s request to stay away from the shore she makes a deal that could change her life.

Yes! The Little Mermaid is now playing at Dallas Summer Musicals until March 2nd. As a young girl when I first saw the Disney movie, I fell in love instantly with the story and characters. I even asked my mom for all things “Ariel”. Now you have the opportunity to view this wonderful masterpiece on stage while it’s here in Dallas!

As always I am so amazed at how these productions are brought to life on stage and I guarantee you will be as well. From the costumes, to the stage designs to the outstanding performers The Little Mermaid brings you everything you remember in the original film and more. Actress Chelsea Morgan Stock captured the love Ariel had of being a human in perfect quality and if you close your eyes while she’s singing you would think that you are listening to the original Disney film. Yes, that is how spot on she is in character. Sebastian the crab, played by Alan Mingo, Jr. captured Sebastian’s sarcastic yet doubtful personality in a fun comical way bringing the audience to laughter throughout the night.

The characters swim around on stage (literally) and draw you into every moment of sea life. All of the original scenes and songs we love like “Part of your World”, “Kiss the Girl”, “Under the Sea” are featured on stage in a colorful, dramatic and enticing performance. A few others songs and scenes we are not so familiar with are featured as well and to be honest I liked to the addition.

Bring your family or a date to enjoy The Little Mermaid musical featuring a cast of Broadway actors! For more information visit DallasSummerMusicals.org

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