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Nollywood hits Dallas for the premiere of PunchRolla!

Are you a PunchRolla? PunchRolla, an independent film based on the life of Mike, a Nigerian living in diaspora who loses everything in one day. His car, job and his wife but he chooses to take his life into his own hands and begins to pick up the pieces in this romantic comedy written by Akin Durosimi. Making its debut to a sold out crowd at Studio Movie Grill- Lewisville in January, PunchRolla is definitely a great comedic relief to the struggles many of us face in reality. What I find interesting is the use of Nigerian culture popping up throughout the film (probably just my crazy fascination with different cultures). I want my Gucci dashiki! Actress Ashley D. Merritt is great onscreen. A fresh new face full of talent, she draws you into every moment and emotion her character Nicole is feeling. In my opinion this girl is on her way, she reminds me of Gabrielle Union in some ways. Don't just trust me, watch the video to hear what the viewers have to say.

Check for updates on the release of the film and view the trailer at PunchRolla.com

Premiere recap by Fuse Frames

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